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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central European University, 22 July-2 August 2002

Fellow profile


Yuehtsen CHUNG  aka Juliette

Country Province of Taiwan, CHINA
Residence Timonium, MD, USA
Nationality Chinese 
Sex Female 
Age 39 
Educational background PhD. in History of East Asia, University of Chicago, (1999).
M.A. in History, Univeristy of Chicago (1993)
M.A. in History/History of Science, Chinese History, Taiwan National University (1991)
B.A. in History, Taiwan National University (1987).
Present position Visiting assistant Professor  teaching courses of China and Japan
Employer Hofstra University, USA 
Research interests Transnational History of Science, Ethnography of Science, Social Darwinism and Nationalism in East Asia, Women and Social History, Modern Chinese Intellectual and Cultural History.
Current research "Better Life or Another Life?  Eugenics and Bioethics in China"
Conferences, competitions...
  • 2002, April  Washington, DC  the 2002 Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting  paper Struggle for National Survival: Social Darwinism and Chinese Eugenics
  • 2000, Nov  VCancouver, BC, Canada  the 2000 History of Science Society Annual Meeting  paper: Transnational Science: the Japanese establisment of Shanghai Natural Science Institute and the Knowledge of Taxonomy in China.
  • 2002, May  Harvard U  Workshop onn eugenics at the Fairbank for East Asian Research  paper: Birth Control or Sex Control?: A Comparative Perspective of Politics of Knowledge and Reproduction in China and Japan
  • 1999, May  University of California, Santa Barbara  Conference on China in Meiji Japan  paper: Eugenics and the coinage of Scientific Terminology in Meihi Japan and China.
  • 1998, August  Berlin, Germany  the 8th International Conference on the History of Science in China  paper: The Structure of Disciplinary Deployment and Eugenics.
Honors, Awards.... An Wang Postdoctoral Fallowsghip, Harvard U, 1999-2000
The Mellon Foundation Summer Research Grant, 1995.
The Stanford Japanese Language Center Fellowship in Yokohama, Japan, 19954-5.
The Buchanan rize of the 1993 Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs in Cleveland, Ohio.
and more...
Professional affiliation Association for Asian Studies and History of Science Society.
  • Struggle for survival  Eugenics in Sino-Japanese Contexts, forthcoming in the East Asia: History, Politics, Sociology and Culture series at Routledge.
  • Science and Social Nexul  Chinese Eugenics in a Transnational Context, forthcoming at he Asia Center of Harvard UP.
  • "Struggle for National Survival: Eugenics in the Second Sino-Japanese War and Population Policies" in American Influence in Asia: Transpacific Relations in the 20th Century, forthcoming in Spring 2002, Greenwood Publishing.
  • "Comparative Rhetoric, Intersubjectivity and Cros-Cultural Studies  An Alternative Comparativism", in Taiwan: A Radical Quarterly in Social Studies, March 1998.
Excerpts from publications (fragment)
The Eugenics Law applied in the Chinese Gansu Province [which has] a high rate of mental retardation, stems from an endemic syndrome of iodine deficiency, the custom of village inbreeding and inability of bringing in healthy brides from other areas. This lead to 10 million people with learnng disabilities and another 10 million people disabled from birth. The law meant to correct this situation, the so-called Eugenics Law led to sterilization without the subject's consent

It is intellectually intriguing and morally compelling for me as a transnational Chinese woman, to resurrect the voices of thee subaltern women down at the bottom in order to make possigle their legal representation in the process of statute revision.

Case study for the summer course  
Statement of interest The objectives and rationale of the course "Cultural Diversities East and West" caught my eyes. I believe it would broaden my horizon of the relationship between ethnicity and development in the poscommunist era and provide me a much extensive comparative view for my upcoming book project called "Better Life or Another Life  Eugenics and Bioethics in China".

This summer course at CEU would not only help push the theoretical horizon, but also enhance my teaching in terms of diveristy in subject matters and student participation.

Personal message  
Plans for the future Plans to teach a course on Globalization and Ethnicity, and another on the History of Eugenics.
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