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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central European University, 22 July-2 August 2002

Fellow profile

Privet vsem !


Country RUSSIA
Residence Moscow
Nationality (born in the Republic of Komi)
Sex Female
Age 29
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Educational background B.A. in History, Syktyvkar State University (1995).
Ph.D. in History, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS (1999).
M.A. student in Sociology at the Centre for Sociological Education, Institute of Sociology in Moscow (2001)
Present position Librarian.
M.A. student
Employer Centre for Sociological Education, Institute of Sociology, Moscow.
Research interests Multicultural practices. Ethnocultural diversity.
Current research As you know, now I study at the Moscow higher school of social and economic science on the political science department. This magistrate course will be finished in September. The theme of my research in this course is about integration (theory and practice) of migrants and new diasporas in the Russia (specifically in Moscow)
Conferences, competitions...
  • 2000 — Izhevsk, Russia — The Ethnic Factor and Politics History and Modernity — paper: "The ethnopolitical ideas of Russians and Komi"
  • 2000 — Tampere, Finland — 6th ICCEES World Congress — paper: "The problem of the Formation of regional self-consciousness among the population of the Republic of Komi"
Professional affiliation  —
Publications (selection)
  • "The infuence of dynamics of the members on social and professional structure of the republic of Komi", Materialy k konferentsii "Ural v proshlom i nastoyashchem", Ekaterinburg, 1998, 190-3.
  • "About the interethnic relationship in the republic of Komi", Etnoculturnaya istoriya Urala XVI-XX vv., Ekaterinburg, 1999, 65-8.
  • "The problem of the formation of regional self-awareness among the population of the Republic of Komi". VI ICCEES World Congress abstracts, Tampere (Finland) 2000.
  • "The socio-cultural distance in the ideas of the population in the Republic of Komi". Severnye regiony Rosii: sotsial'no-ekonomicheskie, demograficheskie i etnicheskie protsessy, Syktivkar, 2001.
Excerpts from publications  —
Case study for the summer course In the course I am going present some results of my last research about new form being of ethnicity in Russian city. The base of this investigation is my observation of Ukrainian community in Moscow. The approximate title of this topic can "Ethic Staging as Part of Multicultural Space of Russian city (Case-study of the Ukrainian Community in Moscow)".
Statement of interest
I am taking part in a scientific project on studying the multicultural practices in modern Russia. In my view the problem of multiculturalism in modern Russia is very actual and it is not deeply examined — there is little literature by Russian authors.
Personal message  —
Plans for the future This autumn I received suggestion to take part in the project concerning the research of the tolerance in the Russia. Besides and it is important for me more I would like to define more clearly my future scientific and life plans and now I think that this plan can be connected with research of multiculturalism. I am hope that this course could help me.
Foodfest contribution I think It could be "bliny". As I understand there are 6 participants from the Russian Federation and I hope somebody from Russia can help me cook "bliny".
Hobbies I like theatre, movie, music, and any new forms of art. And I like to meet new people.
Thanks for visiting my webpage! Spasibo vsem !
See you soon in Budapest! Do vstrechi v Budapeste !
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