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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central Eurtopean University, 22 July-2 August 2002

List of Participants

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# NAME COUNTRY Position Background Field of interest
1. Jude AGUWA Nigeria Assist. prof. Theology Religion and social science. Immigration.
2. Joseph BENATOV Bulgaria PhD student, teaching assistant Literature. Postcolonial and Postcommunist studies.
3. Andrea BINELLI Italy PhD student Literature. Irish contemporary lit. Cartography.
4. Carmen-Veronica BORBÉLY Romania PhD student, assist. prof. Literature. Postcolonial theory. Ethnicity. Regionalism. Literary criticism.
5. Anna BRANACH-KALLAS Poland lecturer Literature. Canadian lit: Gender & Historigrpahic metafiction.
6. Zuzana BURIKOVA Slovakia Ethnology Anthropology of postcommunist society.
7. Yuehtsen CHUNG Taiwan /China visiting assist. prof. History Contemp Chinese history. Eugenics & bioethics in China
8. Sven CVEK Croatia teaching assistant Literature Literature & Identities. Balkanism in W media. Postmodern Am. lit.
9. Mara DIRBA Latvia PhD student, teaching assistant Cultural studies. Cultural awareness. National identity. Inter-cultural communication
10. Azra HROMADZIC Bosnia- Herzegovina teaching assistant, PhD student Gender studies Female body as political script in times of conflict.
11. Valeria KOLOSOVA Russian Federation PhD student, health project manager Ethnology Ethnolinguistics. National identity and 'fakelore'
12. Anna KURUMCHINA Russian Federation free-lance journalist Intercultural communication. World Exhibitions in cross-cultural communication.
13. Adrian LACATUS Romania teaching assistant Political science History of ideas. Political philosophy. Central Europe. Modern literature.
14. Tatiana LUPACHEVA Russian Federation instructor Translation studies Contact literature: American Chinese English lit. in linguistic perspective
15. Natalia MONACHOVA Ukraine Gender Laboratory director Gender studies Postcolonial theory & its application on Eastern Europe literature/
16. Damjana MRAOVIC Yugoslavia editor, M.A. student Literature New Serbian literature
17. Edie MUSTAFAEVA Ukraine Senior English Teacher English, Pedagogy Tolerance and Social Cohesion through Education and Culture
18. Dusan PAJIN Yugoslavia professor Philosophy Art philosophy. East-West interfaith dialogue. Far East philosophy.
19. Vera PESHKOVA Russian Federation librarian Sociology Multicultural practices. Ethnocultural diversity.
20. Anahit POGHOSYAN Armenia PhD student; team leader Ethnology Comparative ethnology. Customary law.
21. Monica POPESCU Romania PhD student, teaching assistant Literature Postcolonial and Postcommunist theory and literature. Liminality.
22. Thangam RAVINDRANATHAN India PhD student, teaching assistant Literature Postcolonial and postmodern literature. Multiculturalism. Body-text. African cinema.
23. Rana SEZAL Turkey researcher Strategic Studies International relations Identity politics and ethnic politics. Ethnic conflict.and Terrorism.
24. Maria SPASSOVA-TOPALOVA Bulgaria TV producer Media Politics. Communist repression. Minority rights. HIV. Women emancipation.
25. Justyna STRACZUK Poland PhD student Ethnology Peasant families in muticultural borderland Polish-Lituanian-Belarusan
26. Marina VADEICHA Russian Federation PhD student; administrator Ethnology Urban ethnography. Russian diaspora. Identity. "The Other Russians". Imperial Russian history
27. Farah WARDANI Indonesia art gallery administrator Art Reexamining postcolonial identities in Indonesia through arts and media.
28. Allan WILLIAMS South Africa rector Theology. Engineering. Inter-racial mediation.
29. Margarita ZAKOVOROTNAYA Russian Federation Associate professor Philosophy Identity of human being. Communal identity.

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