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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central European University, 22 July-2 August 2002

Fellow profile



Residence Philadelphia
Nationality Romanian
Sex Female
Age 28
Educational background M.A. University of Bucharest
M.A. in Cultural Studies / English Literature, University of Windsor, Canada (1999)
Present position PhD student both at UPenn and U of Bucharest (graduation expected 2004)
Teaching assistant teaches Writing about Film: Dangerous Sympathies
Research interests Comparative literature; Postcolonial and postcommunist literatures and theory. Liminality.
Current research  
Conferences, competitions...
  • 2001, Febr.  Berkeley, CA  Soyuz International Symposium  paper: "Cultural liminality and hybridity: The Romanian transition".
  • 2002, Nov.  Birmingham, AL  SAMLA  paper: "Placing Post-communism"
Professional affiliation America Studeis Association in Romania
Modern Language Association
  • The Politics of Violence in Post-communist Films, [book], Brasov: Concordia, 1999.
  • "Cultural liminality and hybridity: The Romanian transition". Kroeber Anthropological Society papers. The Paradoxes of progress: Globalization and Postsocialist Cultures. Ed. Rachael Stryker and Jennifer Patico, Fall 2001, 46-67.
  • "Writing in and Writing Out  Race and Ethnicity in The Sound and the Fury". Transatlantic Connections: Essays in Cultural Relocation, Ed. Rodica Mihaila & Irina Grigorescu pana. Bucuresti: Integral, 2002, 49-62.
  • "Liminal Space in the Post-Colonial Context". Studii de Limbi si Literaturi Moderne, Timisoara: Mirton, 1999.
  • "The Sea-book of Texts: Identity Games in The English Patient." Constructions of Identity, Cluj: Napoca Star, 1999.Studii de Limbi si Literaturi Moderne, Timisoara: Mirton, 1997.Studii de Limbi
  • "On the Borderline: Liminal Aspects in Malouf's Fiction". Transylvania University Bulletin, Brasov, 1997: 39.
Excerpts from publications  
Case study for the summer course  
Statement of interest  
Personal message  
Plans for the future To teach Writing about Literature: Postcolonial Fiction
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