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Course-related links

Central European University

SUN Summer Courses at CEU in 2002.

Virgil Suarez (the author of Spared Angola)

An older but comprehensive webpage dedicated to the literary work ofVirgil Suarez

Virgil Suarez page at FSU


Reka Monika Cristian

Reka's CV at Jozsef Attila Uni in Szeged.

Adrian Otoiu

Adrian's personal website
A short story by Adrian Otoiu that is being taught at Carson-Newman College, TN, USA.
Free French-Romanian dictionary at Freelang created by Adrian.

Shawn O'Hare

Shawn's personal webpage
Nua: Contemporary Irish Writing (a journal edited by Dr. O'Hare).


Tatiana Lupacheva (Russia)

A website related to my work: Far Eastern English Language Teachers' Association
And Tatiana's webpage (in Russian).

Sven Cvek (Croatia)

Sven's short CV with a few links, more or less useful...

Allan Williams (South Africa)

My church in Witbank, South Africa.
The mission agency of which I'm chairman - this was started to help people dumped by the previous government in the middle of nowhere.

Rana Semra Sezal (Turkey)


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