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The Cultural Diversities FoodFest

We are planning a FoodFest for one of the evenings in the weekend  — either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We invite talented chefs to join us and prepare some of the traditional food of their country or region. This is not about cooking huge quantities, but just small samples. If we have enough participants in this, we will nibble on a lot of small chunks of food from all over the world and get the real taste of multiculturalism, wont'we?.

Please think ahead of the ingredients you might need. If you need just maize floor or feta cheese, these can be bought in Hungary, but remember the prices are higher there than in, say, Russia.

Eva promised to support this event be letting us use their facilities (I don't mean by 'facilities' the photocopier or the fax machine ! ;-)).

A provisional menu

Cook / Chef Country/Region Meal Consisting of...
Anahit Armenia Dolma ...a lot of meat
Lera (Valeria) St Petersburg botvinja *
Dusan Yugoslavia Bread and salt (!!) *
Zuzana Slovakia Zemiakove placky - Potato pancakas. (I just do not know exact amounts, we never weigh or measure ingreadients when cooking it. So the recipe must stay secret for a while).
Masha (Marina) Russia kurnik North Russian wedding pie with chicken, eggs and mushrooms, it is very delicious and beautiful looking (also it contains flour, sour cream, rise, butter).
or Russian pirog pie with any filling we can afford - meat, fish, fruit, cabbage...
or borshch (soup with red beet), cold or hot (meat, red beet, cabbage, potato, carrot, sour cream, parsley, tomato, paprica),
or bliny Pancakes with traditional filling (sour cream, butter, salt fish, caviar...).
Mara Latvia Jāņu siers. .
Justyna Poland PIEROGI. .
Vera Russia Bliny. I think It could be "bliny". As I understand there are 6 participants from the Russian Federation and I hope somebody from Russia can help me cook "bliny".
Maria Bulgaria Shopska Salad ...which can only be found in certain parts of Bulgaria.

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