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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central European University, 22 July-2 August 2002


Dr. Avital BLOCH MEXICO Universidad de Colima Multiculturalism: The Origins and the Current Debate
Dr. Réka Mónika CRISTIAN HUNGARY Jozsef Attila University, Szeged Trope of Multiethnic Yugoslavia
Us and Them in the [Transylvanian] Mirror Chamber (taught jointly with Adrian Otoiu)
Dr. Byron LINDSEY U.S.A. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM Taking Cultural Captives: Myth, National Identity, and the Other in Russia’s View of the Caucasus and America’s View of Russia— a Comparative Analysis
Dr. Shawn O'HARE U.S.A. Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN The New Americans: Latinos in the United States
Dr. Adrian OTOIU ROMANIA North University, Baia Mare Us and Them in the [Transylvanian] Mirror Chamber (taught jointly with Réka Cristian)
Beyond Transylvania: Crossing the Borderline
Dr. Clare VASSALLO-THAKE MALTA University of Malta Questioning Postcolonial Identities: Postcolonial ambiguities
The Postcolonial at Europe’s Edge: Malta, a case study

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