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More about yourself

Please fill in the following information about yourself that might help your colleagues to get to better know you:
Your name:  

How do your friends call you informally (for instance Joe or Masha):  

How would you say "HELLO" to your colleagues in your mother tongue

Ethnic group (skip if you think this to be irrelevant):  

If you have a scanned picture of yourself, please attach it here. Before duing so, check the format and the size of the file. Only JPG, JPEG, TIFF or GIF pictures accepted. Please, do not send pictures that are larger than 100 kB.

Your current research or project:

The case study you are preparing for the course:

Your personal message addressed to your colleagues:

Your plans for the future:

Do you recommend us any links to interesting websites either related to your work or interests or your country ?

Your hobbies and favourite passtimes:

Your zodiac sign... Some people are always curious about this. But if you feel this is irrelevant or too personal, just skip it.

Your likes & preferences... Don't fill in if you feel that this is too personal or irrelevant.

...and your dislikes... Again, don't fill in if you feel that this is too personal or irrelevant.

If there are additions to make to the fileds of your file that have already been filled in, please mention them below. Don't forget to mention the field they refer to.

This field is for your corrections, criticism and/or kudos relative to this website. The webmaster will appreciate your feedback.

If you have any chromatic preferences about your page, there is a slight chance that the webmaster might find some time to feature each of you on distinctly coloured pages. This is not a promise though. Please pick up one option.
No preferences
Linden green
Pollen yellow
Terracotta brown
English red

How would you say "THANKS FOR YOUR VISIT" in your mother tongue ?

How would you say "SEE YOU SOON IN BUDAPEST" in your mother tongue ?

If you wish to delete the data and start afresh, press

Now, if the data is correct, just press

The data will not be posted automatically on the website, but will be sent to the webmaster's e-mail before being posted.
Note: If there is no e-mail option on your browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) this form will not be posted.

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