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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central European University, 22 July-2 August 2002

Fellow profile

Zdravo svima !


Residence Belgrade
Nationality Serbian
Sex Female
Age 28
Zodiac sign Libra
Educational background B.A. in Serbian Literature and Language with General Literature, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade (1999)
M.A. student in Cultural studies, AAOM (1999)
Present position M.A. student.
Employer Literary magazine "Knizevni Magazin"
Research interests New Serbian literature. Gender and the theory of Postcolonialism.
Current research "Poetics of Identity in Judita Salgo's Books"
Conferences, competitions...
  • 2002, April  North Carolina, USA  13th Biennal Conference of Balkan and South Slavic Languages at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • 2001, June  Klagenfurt, Austria  Intercultural Project Management. Paper: "Judita Salgo's Poetics of Identity"
  • 2001, March  Sofia, Bulgaria  Diversity Reporting. Paper: "Language in Refugee reporting".
Professional affiliation  
Publications a long list of articles on contemporary Serbian writing.
Excerpts from publications Story about erbian Literature, Asskalla, Slovenia, December 2001

[In Serbian literature] postmodernism was dominant in the eighties: the authors wrote only about the crisis of identity at the end of the century. Form was more important than content. As soon as the conflicts started in ex-Yugoslavia, the changes in literature were visible: the break year was 1994, when 29-year old Vladimir Arsenijevic won a prestige Serbian book prize for a short niovel Potpalublje. The change was obvious: subject and plot  the story  became more important than the form. For example, sasa Ilic's, Mihajlo Spasojevic's, Srjdan Tesin's novels and stories narrate about little people whose lives are tragically interrupted and smashed by the wars.

Recent conflicts have totally changed the "poetical map" of Serbian Literature. Abstraction turned into realistic narration and the novel changed postmodern construction.

Case study for the summer course To show relationship between women authors/novels and political/civil identity in the nineties in Serbia. There were two, let's say "streams" - the first one was very close to the former regime (xenophobic, patriarchal,.. ) and the other tried to revitalize civil and democratic values.
Statement of interest As it can be seen from the list of seminars/workshops in which I participated, the topic of many was connected with cultural changes and diversities in the Balkans, especially after the recent ethnic conflicts in ex-Yugoslavia. One of the main fields of my interests is cultural difference between the period ten years ago and nowadays [...]. it seems that ex-Yugoslavia has been divided between East and West by the war: there is no "war literature" in Slovenia, because the war there lasted jsut 10 days, but in Croatia nad Serbia the theme dominates.

Also, I'm interested in the theory of postcolonialism and I think it can be successfully applied to the Balkans. Moreover, Serbian writers have taken over some "western" stereotypes and incorporated them in their books making a very interesting mixture (Dragan Velikic, Radoslav Petkovic, Vladimir Arsenievic...).

The courese would help me in my research because those issues are not studied at the Faculty of Philology where I work on my M.A. thesis. I expect to get into contact with the latest methods and theories and exchange the ideas that are not spoken about in my academic area.

Personal message  
Plans for the future  
Thanks for visiting my webpage! HVALA STO STE POSETILI MOJU WEB STRANICU !
See you soon in Budapest! VIDIMO SE U BUDIMPESTI !
Likes travelling, reading, sea,...
Dislikes stupidity, winters and summers in the city
Contact E-mail to: damjanam@ptt.yu

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