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The East-West Classifieds section

Are you desperately looking a hard-to-find book?
Have you almost given up any hope of finding it..?
And still... still ahve a vague hope that some of your colleagues might find it for you?
Then why not give it a go...?

Or maybe you are a coin collector (like Allan from South Africa) and are in bad need of that peculair Indonesian coin..? Or you might be collecting T-shirts ? Or stamps ?
So why not try..?

Maybe out there there is someone that may help you.
This is what friends are for. Yes, even those friends you haven't made yet! Some are just waiting to become your friends!

Well, this is just a way of advertising our newly introduced (as of June 22) section of CLASSIFIEDS. Post your announcement and wait... As a Romanian proverb has it, 'one can never know where the hare will leap from'.

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