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The East-West chat room

Please note that this chat room requires Java enabled on your computer. If it doesn't work, check if your browser is Java enabled. In Netscape, open the Preference menu and check the "Enable Java" option. In Internet Explorer, open the Options menu and then the Advanced tag, then check the "Enable Java" option.

Tentative CHAT schedule

The participants in the first chat session of June 22, have suggested that the next meeting should take place on Saturday 29 June, at 2 p.m. GMT. Please check your local time against the Greenwich meridian Tima (GMT). Take into consideration the eventual adjustments due to the Daylight Saving Time (or whatever its name is..).

For the future, let's decide on the following schedule:

Thursdays, 2 p.m. GMT
Saturdays, 2 p.m. GMT.
For local times check table.
Fridays, 9 a.m. GMT 
so that the Far Eastern people (Farah, Thangam, Tatiana) might join the chat. Check your local time here

Shawn recommends us to check out for a good bit on time zones. The website explains very clearly the time zone you are in. Note that London time and GMT are not the same!!!


Albuquerque NM USA 8 a.m.
Colima Mexico 9 a.m.
Jefferson City TN,
New York,
Philadelphia PA
USA 8 a.m.
GMT Universal time 2 p.m.
London UK 3 p.m.
Witbank South Africa 4 p.m.
Valetta Malta
Pisa Italy
Pula Croatia
Belgrade Yugoslavia
Szeged Hungary
Nizna Slovakia
Torun, Warsaw Poland
Szeged Hungary
Riga Latvia
Ankara Turkey 5 p.m.
Sofia Bulgaria
Brasov, Cluj,
Baia Mare
Kyiv Ukraine
St. Petersburg,
Rostov /Don
Russia 6 p.m.
Yerevan Armenia 7 p.m.
Bangalore India 7:30 p.m.
Ekaterinburg Russia 8 p.m.
Tangerang Indonesia 9 p.m.
Vladivostok Russia 1 a.m.

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