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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central European University, 22 July-2 August 2002

Fellow profile



Residence Philadelphia, USA
Nationality Bosniac
Sex Female
Age 26
Educational background
  • B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania [transferred from Delaware Valley College, PA] (2001)
  • PhD candidate in Cultural Anthropology (Culture and Conflict), University of Pennsylvania (since 2001)
Present position PhD Student
Teaching assistant. Teaches "Immigration and Immigrants in Philadelphia"
Employer University of Pennsylvania and the Solomon Asch Center for Ethnopolitical Conflict
Research interests  
Current research Female body as political script in times of conflict
Conferences, seminars...
  • 2001  Ljubljana, BiH  International Summer School "Gender and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe"
  • 2001, Spring  Romania  Women Leaders in New Democracies, Women's Campaign International
Professional affiliation American Anthropological Association
Publications (unpublished articles)
  • "Rape as a System of Communication" (Master's thesis)
  • "Bosnian Passport in the Era of Globalization"
  • "Language in Culture and Society: (Focus on Yugoslavia)"
Excerpts from publications  
Case study for the summer course  
Statement of interest This course would be a crucial part of my academic development. My main academic interest lies at the intersection of communities and individuals in their relationship to ethnopolitical conflict. Though I am interested in violent conflict as a whole I am particularly interested in the interlay between global nad local and how this affects gender roles in conflict and postconflict realities. My Ph.D. at Penn is carefully designed by my professors [...] who helped me obtain the best interdisciplinary training in anthropology, psychology and history of conflict studies. However these world-known experts do not share my geographic orientation which I hope to extend through this summer school. Being in the privileged position of a "native" who studies and understands the theoretical frameworks of both Western and Bosnian academics, I feel passionate about a need to study and therefore better understand the interplay between East and Westm especially as experienced through the lenses of pre-war, wartime and postwar cultural matrix of Bosnia.

I would especially like to explore more closely the role that the media and mythology ahd and continue to have in the creation of the ethnic group.

I would like to emphasize that while I am deeply committed to academic achievement, I also feel strongly attached to hands-on field experiences. Following this passion of mine, I spent the spring of 2000 studying "Peace and Conflict" in the Middle East, moving between Israel, Jordan and West Bank. There I did a fieldwork on housing demolitions in the West Bank.

Personal message  
Plans for the future Planning to teach on "Culture and Conflict" and "Peace, War and gender".
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