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Cultural Diversities East and West: Postcommunism, Postcolonialism and Ethnicity

Central European University, 22 July-2 August 2002

Fellow profile



Country RUSSIA
Residence Ekaterinburg (Ural area of Russia)
Nationality Russian
Sex Female
Age 27
Educational background B.A. in Theory and History of Culture, Ural State University (1999);
PhD in Cross-cultural communication (in progress).
Present position free lance journalist
Research interests World Exhibitions in the aspect of cross-cultural communication
Current research World Exhibitions in the aspect of cross-cultural communication
Conferences, competitions... 2001, Dec.  Moscow, Russia  The New Way of Humanities Conference
2001, June  Ekaterinburg, Russia  Culture, Creative Work and Individual
Professional affiliation   N/A
Publications   N/A
Excerpts from publications World Exhibitions as a Place of Dialogue among Cultures, my university Thesis, regards World Exhibitions as global institutions of culture.

The first part of the Thesis includes the history of the development of Exhibitions from the antiquity to nowadays, from local to World ones, a comparative analysis between fairs and exhibitions.

The second part of the Thesis analyzes levels of dialogues among cultures represented at the Exhibitions; what part these setes of images of different cultures play in Globalization; how they helped to destroy colonial stereotypes.

The thirs part of the research is devoted to a statement that World Exhibitions provide a forum for exchange among cultures, governments and economies all over the world, and how they help to shape the new relationships in multicultural policies in the post-war context.

Case study for the summer course   N/A
Statement of interest I want to take part in this course as the latest ideas in the sphere of multiculturalism and its relationship with ethnic, gender and cultural studies will be concentrated in it.

I know that discussing these questions with scientific leaders and students form all over the world can help me to better understand and evaluate those processes that characterize the situation in Russia today. In spite of the fact that the authorities call us to be tolerant and respect other cultures and nationalities, there are many problems with this point in our everyday life. As I have recently become a journalist and write articles for the local newspaper, I can promote a spirit of tolerance relative to issues such as race, sexual orientation, minority rights and maintenance of cultural identity in my region.

...How to solve the dichotomy of cultural identity and globalization? What phase of the dialectical development of this process do we have today? What will be the result?

These are questions I want to find an answer to by taking part in this course.

Personal message I am locked in the circle of Russian and Soviet scientists' ideas and... I wish to broaden my outlook on multicultural theory. I need badly fresh information in order not to repeat the same but to develop Russian Humanities,... and to check my own thoughts about multiculturalism and find new persons all over the world who hold the same views.
Plans for the future I am one of the organizers of the international UNESCO conference Young Leader of the 21st Century... and perhaps some of the students present at the Cultural Diversities course will take part in our conference.

Hobbies Music. Interest in cultural translation and hybridization in music.
I'm currently leading a children's Early music ensemble called "Consort". I organize its concerts and participations in different international festivals and competitions.

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