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Nenets: Surviving in the Siberian Tundra © Maria Stenczel, 1996, National Geographic Skyscrapers and WTC in New York © Adrian Otoiu, Auguast 2001 Native from Hawaii The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India © Steve McCurry, 1996, National Geographic Ox-drawn cart in Transylvania, Romania © Jason Murgatroyd 1997
Jodhpur, India © Steve McCurry 1996 Art Nouveau Métropolitain subway entrance in Paris Burkina Faso Tatooed Man © Chris Rainier
Lenin's statue dismantled in Berlin ©, 2001
Kid playing in front of a Tibetan monastery © Steve McCurry, 1996 National Geographic Shepherd from Maramures in winter © Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, 1990
a SUN summer course organized by the Central European University , Budapest, 22 July-2 August 2002

Fellows' list Visit the students' pages, learn about your collegues' research interests, their work-in-progress, their hobbies.. and their e-mail if you feel like meeting them before Budapest..
Faculty If you think the SUN CEU webpage hasn't told everything about your faculty, we might add more about them here.
Course-retated news A schedule of the courses.
The list of the books the CEU offers to you (check this list to make your selection).
Bibliography updates (materials in electronic format)
Case studies Texts of case studies prepared by fellows.
Website updates What are the latest updates of this website.
Discussion forum Initiate discussions, suggest topics and participate in debates in our forum.
Chat room Discuss online the most stringent topics or just meet your future collegues.
Ideas New ideas about our spare time. We call this Extracurricular activities. Ideas for the FoodFest, for the Fellows' Exhibition, for the weekend and the trip, for the film shows...
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